paintings / bastardized oils

selected works



'They're called Friends', 2013

'Christopher Columbus at the Monastery Rabida' - bastardized Italian school, 19th Century oil on canvas

125 x 166.6 cm



The Temptation of Adam', 2014

After Jan Frans Van Bloemen, 'A River Landscape', bastardised late 17th Century, oil on canvas

61 x 75 cm


The Temptation of Adam ( Details )



The Truth, 2014

 'A shipwreck in stormy seas' - Henry Mayle, bastardised 19th century oil painting

97 x 129 cm


The Truth ( Details )



The Girl Who Had Everything, 2014

After Angelo Caroselli, 'An Allegory of Vanity', bastardised late 18th Century, oil on canvas

64.2 x 76.2 cm


The Girl Who Had Everything ( Details )


Self Portrait, 2014

Studio of Cornelis de Vos, 'Portrait of a Gentleman', bastardised 17th Century oil on canvas

90 x 70 cm



Self Portrait ( Details )



Free Pussy Riot, 2014

After Sir Joshua Reynolds, 'Portrait of Joanna Leigh', bastardised 18th Century oil on canvas

89 x 61 cm



Free Pussy Riot ( Details )



Letter to the Corinthians, 2014

Circle of Francesco Trevisani - 'Portrait of Fr. Tommaso Agostino Richini'  Bastardised 17th century oil painting

158 x 121 cm


Letter to the Corinthians ( Details )