Opening to the public on Friday the 6th May 2016 is our latest exhibition:

‘Wondrous Obsessions: The Art of Collecting’ 
At Hang Up Gallery in London.

The exhibition is the third instalment of our Museum of Curiosity shows, which combine art with natural history, scientific objects and antiquities. For this exhibition we have created a series of traditional cabinets of curiosity that we hope will allow people to recapture a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity at the extraordinary world we live in. 

We have invited a small group of artists to make works specifically for the exhibition. These artists are Butch Anthony, Laura Keeble, Mark Powell, Motion Picture Project, Dr Viktor Schroeder, Swoon, John Henry Toney and Joe Webb.

For any further information, details of our exhibitions or catalogues of works please contact us directly.


‘Wonder Cabinet with Wooly Rhino Pelvis’
Wondrous Obsession Series

A collection of curiosities and wondrous objects from natural history and contemporary art
presented in Sapele veneered wooden cabinet

Dimensions: 190 cm x 120 cm x 22.5 cm