Dr Viktor Schroeder is a fictional character created by The Connor Brothers



Viktor Schroeder was born in Hamburg in 1946. He studied medicine and became a general practitioner in a small village in the mountainous Harz region of Germany. In his mid-twenties Schroeder suffered a psychological breakdown following the death of Anja Roth, a nine year old girl he had tragically misdiagnosed.

After his breakdown Schroeder visited Kingsley hall, the residential treatment centre founded by controversial psychiatrist R D Laing. Laing had gained a cult following amongst counter cultural figures such as Allen Ginsberg for his unorthodox approach which included the use of LSD to treat psychotic patients. It was during his visit to Kingsley Hall that Schroeder discovered painting and it was Laing who instructed him to paint a portrait of Anja Roth in an attempt to free himself from the trauma which had precipitated his breakdown. The experiment failed and Schroeder became increasingly obsessed by death.

On his return to Germany Dr Schroeder continued to indulge his obsession and became fascinated by historical artworks that dealt with mans mortality. Over the next 30 years he put together a remarkable collection of memento mori, vanitas paintings and historical reliquaries. Schroeder still lives in a village beneath the Harz Mountains where he continues to create works and build his collection. "I have spent my life trying to reconcile myself with the fact of my own mortality." Dr Viktor Schroeder. Harz, Germany. October 2012.


selected works 

memento moro with der foemen schatz, dr viktor schroeder 2013, cast human skull, 19th century books, victorian pocket watch, antique scalpel and taxidermy butterfly, presented in glass cabinet, 37h x 47w x 34 cm d


The anatomy of melancholy, dr viktor schroeder 2014, equine skeleton, resin, steel and sapele wood, 270h x 205 w x 120 cm d






Exhibition history

Feb 2014 Cape Town Art Fair with Everard Read Gallery South Africa

Feb 2014 - Art 14 art fair with Pertwee, Anderson & Gold Gallery London England 

Feb 2014 - The Anatomy of Melancholy Solo exhibition The chapel of St Barnabas, London England with Pertwee, Anderson & Gold Gallery

Jan 2014 - Dr Viktor Schroeder, CIRCA Gallery Johannesburg South Africa

Jan 2014 - The London Art Fair with Pertwee, Anderson & Gold Gallery London England 

May 2013 - Memento Mori, group exhibition, Pertwee Anderson & Gold Gallery London England

Mar 2013 - Art 13 Art Fair with Pertwee, Anderson & Gold Gallery London England 

Jan 2013 - The London Art Fair with Pertwee, Anderson & Gold Gallery London England