create your own Connor Brothers

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create your own Connor Brothers


Create your very own Connor Brothers 'True Love Stories' collage and enter our competition to win an original painting with a value of £5,000. 

Please submit your completed True Love Stories collage by e-mailing a photograph of it to  or tweeting @connorbrothers or tag @connorbrothersofficial on instagram. 

The winning entry will be selected by a panel of highly trained Arts experts. 

The deadline for submitting your creation is January 31st 2017, the wining entry will be announced in the first week of February. 


Each plastic wrapped kit contains unique speech bubbles from 1970's comics, a vintage Mills and Boon paperback, working scissors and glue.

Allow 10 days for dispatch. 

(Please note that the book and cut out speech bubbles will vary in each pack). 


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