Some Of My Best Friends Are Dinosaurs: Extraordinary Objects, 14 Green Street Cambridge CB2 3JU

2 July - 2 October 2022

An exhibition of Natural History and Contemporary Art curated by The Connor Brothers.
Showcasing a spectacular selection of natural history, alongside paintings from our Regression Series, Some Of My Best Friends Are Dinosaurs is the first exhibition of its kind, and offers visitors the opportunity to see many of the natural world’s most astonishing objects, alongside never before seen works by The Connor Brothers.
2 JULY - 2 OCT 2022 / Weds-Sun 12pm - 5pm 

You can read a feature on this exhibition in The Telegraph by clicking below or by viewing the press release further down the page:
This exhibition brings together the highly unusual, absolutely intriguing, and completely curious to create a space for questioning and offers an insight into the eternal mysteries of our world. Highlights of the collection include many specimens rarely seen outside of a museum including the skull of a triceratops, meteorites, rare iridescent ammonites, an ichthyosaur, and a piece of the moon.
View our full collection of rare fossils and minerals by clicking on the link below:
You can read more about the events surrounding the exhibition including the arrival of Tracey the Triceratops skull, an exclusive article written by Mike Snelle from The Connor Brothers and images of the Private View launch by visiting the Extraordinary Objects  News page.